How long can i rent your sets for?

All sets are rented out for 2 weeks. If you are renting multiple sets or large, expert level sets, then we can extend rental period with prior notice. Just email us for details:

Do I need an account to rent sets?

Yes, you will need to sign up and be a member in order to rent Lego sets through us. There are three different membership plans to choose from, click here for more info

Why rent instead of buying Lego?

Kids often want a new set to build, seconds after completing the last one, which often ends up on a shelf forever, ignored and gathering dust.

By renting lego sets, you have the chance to build a large variety of sets which most families wouldn't typically have access to.

Renting various Lego sets is also a cost effective way of keeping kids engaged with an endless supply of new sets.

Do you clean the Lego between customers?

Yes – all returned Lego is checked, cleaned and sanitised before it is available for hire again.

Do I have to pay to return sets?

No – the return courier cost is included in the flat shipping fee charged in the check out process. There is no need to pay anything extra.

Each set comes with a return label – all you have to do is place the set in the courier bag/box with the return label attached and request a courier pick up.

What happens if I lose some pieces?

We understand Lego pieces are small and can easily be lost, misplaced or eaten by the vaccum, cat or dog.

Part of our service is that we understand this, and don’t charge for normal piece loss.

There is no charge for up to 5 common pieces lost from a set, but if the set is returned with 5+ missing pieces, we will contact you and explain that your account may be charged for their replacement value.

Please note that missing minifigures or specialised pieces that are unique to that set, and are not easily replaced, are not included in the “5 common pieces” and may incur additional charges.

How do I return a set?

Take your time and disassemble each set that you have from us. Take each set apart seperately.

We ask that you do not co-mingle sets when taking them apart, and return pieces back into their assigned 'return' bags.

The instruction booklet should be returned in it's cardboard sleeve (to avoid damage in transit) and place these inside the courier bag/box. Replace the old shipping label with the new new return address label.

Do you buy used Lego?

Yes, we are always looking at explanding our range and selection.

We love to find pre-loved and retired Lego and Lego set, where we sort, clean and repurpose to give it a new lease on life.

If you have some Lego you wish to sell, contact us and we will see if we may consider purchasing it.

I cant see the set I want to build on your website – do you take requests?

Yes, if there is a specific set you have your eye on and we don’t currently have this for hire, please email us and let us know.

You might get to be the first person to hire a new set by putting your request in to us.

Are all the bricks you rent out new or used?

They are both – our service is to rent out Lego bricks on a short-term basis to families across NZ.

Whilst we will have some “new in box” sets to hire from time to time (see Facebook and newsletter for updates), most sets will be second-hand.

Before any set is sent out, they are checked for quality and accuracy, cleaned and sanitised and will arrive at your house in great condition.

Other inquiries? Let's chat.

Please email us at